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Surviving Your Government

Here in the United States of America we are supposed to have a government “by the people, for the people”. We have a Constitution which states our rights with amendments which detail even more rights. The government of the United States of America is supposed to abide by not only the Constitution but also the Bill of Rights. This isn’t happening as of 2011. We have an administration which can issue “edicts” as if they were royalty setting on golden thrones. They can go to war without consulting Congress. They can change how health care will be run without the consent of the people and in spite of a federal judgment which states that such actions are unconstitutional. Also it seems that all of this can be done without even READING the words that are on the thousands of papers printed in these plans. Some how we have become a dictatorship.

How do we live under this type of suppression funded by illegal means, controlled by an echelon that no longer cares about the “little man” and who seems to be hell-bent on destroying our nation? That is what this section of survivalconnections is for. What can we do and what will cause us to come under scrutiny? What will benefit our survival and that of our country so as to bring it back to where it should be? What will further tear it down?

I believe that smaller communities based not on monetary exchange but REAL goods and REAL services as currency, rather than “credit” is part of the answer. When a society is occupied in grass roots survival it doesn’t have time for  phony currency that has nothing backing it other than promises. How to achieve that around a government that seeks to pacify the populous with shallow entertainment and fake personalities, created news, suppression of REAL news, and pouring more and more phony money into more and more phony so-called stimulus plans only to create more and more debt is what this part of the blog seeks to do.

Feel free to vent, offer ideas, alert or just ask questions.

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