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Survival Without Vaccinations

There is so much material on the net about the ineffectual use of vaccinations that I will not waste space repeating what can be found by doing your own search. DO CHECK OUT THE ALERT BELOW. I grew up without vaccinations and at 63 find myself to be healthier than most of my peers, am not tied to prescription drugs every day of my life and only find that I am more overweight than I care to be – my own fault.

My freedom to remain vaccine free is rapidly being threatened by current propaganda which has most believing that by NOT being vaccinated I am some sort of threat to them. When that idea was presented to my parents while I attended school they gave this answer “How can she be a threat? You all have the vaccinations which you feel are so worthwhile, you are ‘safe’. It would seem that she is the only one in danger”.  That remains true today. I shed no corrupted cells that contain vaccination contaminants. Should I come down with the disease that you are vaccinated against, supposedly, you will be protected. Others of like mind with me would rather self-shield and stay away from each other while we are ill rather than contaminate our bodies with the ingredients contained in vaccinations which, to date, have NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO PREVENT A SINGLE DISEASE THEY WERE DESIGNED TO PREVENT.

Yes, I know, you have been conditioned to believe that small pox was ended by the vaccination – wrong, it was already on the way out. Same for polio.  Might as well scream and holler at me now because I will find all the proof to back up what I say out there and post the links. Just search for Dr. Tenpenny and read what she has to say. Her site is a good way to get started.

What I would like this part of my blog to accomplish is to teach the truth about why we have vaccinations and what are our alternatives. The current info on Obamacare, that is being presented on the net, is that once this travesty is fully implemented, you will not be allowed into a hospital without proof that you have had all your shots, including the H1N1 flu shot.  I wasn’t aware that a hospital was a “kennel”!

I’m being told that if I don’t have all my vaccinations and I have an emergency, before I can enter the hospital ALL of them will be given to me on the gurney.  Well, if that doesn’t kill me outright, the current super-germs that exist in today’s hospitals will finish the job. There are many fine health care personnel who truly believe in what they do, are trying to do the best that they can for their patients. However, they are being  duped as to what is considered “good” care, “proper” procedures, “necessary” tests or “acceptable” levels of sanitation.

There are alternatives to all allopathic  forms of medicine in the homeopathic world. Most are safer and less toxic if taken properly and they will not alter your DNA. They do not need to be taken forever and will allow your body to self-regulate and heal rather than to become dependent.  However, these remedies do not make anyone any real money as most of them can’t be patented and are, by nature, designed to end the illness (thus end their useage) rather than prolong it or cause another illness.

Feel free to post your thoughts, experiences or suggestions even if you totally disagree.


  1. Carolyn permalink*
    April 3, 2011 5:00 pm

    Don’t forget the VEIC site : which will help you obtain vaccine exemptions for not only your child but yourself – now that Obamacare will regulate whether you can even ENTER a hospital – emergency or no- based on whether or not your vaccinations are up to date, this includes H1N1.

    WHOA FOLKS!!!!!! Just found out that it will be $100 for those exemption cards!!!! Time to rethink what you’re going to do, maybe consult with your OWN pastor and get one there.


    • April Knight permalink
      April 5, 2011 12:51 pm

      Could you please instruct me on how to print out this form? I see what looks to be just forums. And how did you know the forms will be accepted? If someone actually has a place that I, and others like me can print out a legal form to opt out of Obamacare or whatever this is about, let me know where exactly.


      • melohawk60 permalink*
        April 5, 2011 1:33 pm

        April, send an email to with “pastorial letter” in the subject line and he will respond. I wish they would have posted this on the site as they did on the chat room on Sunday. I will also send you an email with this info. I should probably start a vaccination page but I’m hoping that referring people to this site will eventually do the job. They just opened the site Sunday and I’m sure it will take a little while to get enough info and membership to start the ball rolling.


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  1. Tracy permalink
    May 3, 2011 12:35 pm

    Please send me a vacination Exemtion form, my oldest son 13 is required to have certain
    vacinations before going into junior high. I believe that all the over use of antibiotics given to me for ear infections in the 90’s and then to my babies for everything has no dought taken a toll on my heath, but I do believe they’re ADD and ADHD from the flora imbalance caused from antibiotics and the yeast candida associated. I’m trying to cleanse them and do not want them exposed to any more poisions. Thank you so much!

    • melohawk60 permalink*
      May 3, 2011 1:22 pm

      Tracy, I do not have the vaccination forms. I am passing along the info from a vaccine exempt blog who will consult with you and get you a religious objection through their pastors. Just check out the link above as I cannot get it to post again in this comment and I have to rush to work. You will get an answer in the form of an email “form letter” telling you what they can offer. There seems to be a “voluntary” donation that, with the wording they are using, looks mandatory but I’m sure that they are reasonable about what people can afford. Just ask, Ralph Fuecetola, the lawyer/pastor who handles the legal side of things and seems to be a kind person.

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