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Survivalconnections is exactly that, a way to connect. The merging of the two words is symbolic of what we are all going to have to do to make it through the next decade. We either make local connections for food, supplies of all kinds, services, and create local jobs while learning to barter and reduce our dependence on large cities, other states and other countries or we will be controlled by them. I’ve always wanted to have a local directory of those home-based (farm, ranch, etc) businesses who would sell locally and I’ve wanted to know what sort of variety in local business was in my area.

What with the internet, the idea of local has changed. Realizing that in the end, once the internet is censored to the point of being useless and  EMPs make it impossible to communicate long range, the connections that are made NOW with this medium will hopefully hold up as people migrate into small communities which will survive during the coming chaos.

I am a non-descript, “useless eater” born in the baby boomer years. I am part of the target population the “controllers” wish to “cull” while they reshape our society more to their liking. I have knowledge handed down from grandparents to parents to me as to how history REALLY was and how things came to be the way they are. I also know how to survive without much money, without credit, without banks, and without much help from doctors.  I can grow my own food, make much of what I need or barter for whatever else I need. I am not totally self-sufficient as no one CAN be. I need help from those who have more skills than I possess. Realizing that most of us could state the same  in regards to needing help, I have started this blog-site to help make the connections that I need. I just hope that it helps someone else to do the same.

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